May 1st, 2009

October, 30th 2009.
Seppukoo Preview – “The end is coming… Are you ready?” @toshare (

November, 25th 2009.
Seppukoo goes pandemic and reaches its largest diffusion over Facebook

December, 9th 2009.
Seppukoo reaches world wide theĀ  mass-mediatic interest.
AFP contacts Facebook to ask them if they fear the Seppukoo suicidal campaign but they don’t answer.

December, 10th 2009.
Facebook blocks Seppukoo IP is banned, all Seppukoo contents deleted from the platform and every message containing is blocked.

December, 11th 2009.
Los Angeles Times asks to the Facebook’s spokesman about the block on Seppukoo.
In the meanwhile, Seppukoo goes on CNN:

December, 16th 2009.
Facebook lawyer intimate a cease and desist to Les Liens Invisibles. They want Seppukoo offline before December, 22nd.

December, 18th 2009.
Seppukoo keeps challenging Facebook and starts the DIY suicidal campaign:

December, 22nd reply to Fabebook:
“The “Les liens invisibles” group will delete all of the information on the website only if the owners of such information request it, but not if facebook does so.”Read the full answer

Les Liens Invisibles is now considering all the possibilities to come back ASAP. Thanks to all the people who are supporting us in this moment.